Silo: An App Platform For Coops

In late 2014, Move Creative released, Silo, an app platform built exclusively for Farmers and Agricultural Cooperatives. In the first few months of the platform, Silo has been used to build iPhone, Android, and iPad apps for the South Dakota Wheat Growers and Garden City Co-op. Each app brings in data from many different sources to help producers make smart & educated decisions about their crops.

The app centers around the cash bid prices for each coops many locations, including South Dakota’s 30+ locations, and features a first of its kind tool that allows producers to set a price threshold for any crop at any location and then receive alert notifications when a price has been reached. This tool gives producers a valuable way to keep up with the markets, without having to constantly check for updated prices. It also gives the Cooperatives a new insight into the market prices producers are looking for.

All Silo apps also features futures prices for all grain types as well as current and forecasted weather.

The South Dakota app brings each user the Morning Market Insights which is a short editorial written every morning by SDWG staff.  Other Silo apps feature a mixture of custom and national news from multiple sources.