Maps and Apps

Move Creative built a digital game for National 4-H’s National Science Day. The theme was Maps and Apps. The Park It! Be a Layer Player activity engaged students in using technology to its best use and expanded their interaction with other students around the country.

In addition to the web-based game, a second part of the project brought the power of creativity to the iPad.  Participants used a free-to-download iPad app to build their park using the base map, graphical elements and layers.  Similar to the web app, students were able to upload their work to a gallery viewable by other users.

The app used GIS to show students a real-life use for their skills in preserving our natural world by creating a park complete with equipment and natural and man-made elements.

The project included a virtual gallery, welcoming input from peers around the country.

Move Creative designed the project to be engaging, appealing and intuitive for students, specifically those youth ages 10-16.  Both the site and app are a safe and secure environment for students to engage in the project without requiring browser downloads or creation of a user account.  The app was optimized for appropriate browsers while adhering to 4-H branding.