Health Rocks App

National 4-H and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln commissioned Move Creative to create an iPad app to complement their award-winning Health Rocks curriculum, which is focused on drug and alcohol prevention.

The carnival-themed game features 7 games within the larger game and features all original artwork and character creation. Games include:

Decision Arcade (right) – A pinball game where players earn or lose additional game plays based on quick answers to real-life scenarios.

Big Tent Quiz – A Jeopardy-style game where the player plays against the computer to answer questions directly from the curriculum.

Under The Influence – A driving game where the player is tasked with remembering a set of words while clear-headed and then remember a second set of words while imitating a drunken state.

Hidden Dangers – This find-the-objects game features drug paraphernalia and alcohol-related objects hidden within everyday scenes.

Truth or Darts – A dart game where after hitting targets the player is presented with true statements and assumed statements and tasked with figuring out which is which.

Name That Price – Players are presented with drugs and problems caused by drugs and asked to match the price associated with them to everyday items. It teaches kids the scary truth of addition, disease, and even casual usage and what they could by with that same amount of money.

Drug Toss – A ball toss game where players are tasked with deciding which substances are illegal and which ones are legal.



Each of these seven games provide points toward an overall health status that is reflected on the character chosen by the player. Doing well in the game will earn Health Points that will elevate the character into superhero status. Doing poorly will create a sickly player with obvious signs of drug abuse.

Since the game is part of the larger curriculum, time spent with the game counts against the state mandates for drug and alcohol education as each minute is logged once the user creates a secure account. Student scores are also logged to a national leaderboard viewable within the game.

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