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GreenKeeper App

In partnership with the Turf Program at the University of Nebraska, Move Creative has built the GreenKeeper App, a new online essential-decision tool for turf grass professionals. More than 1,150 superintendents have already downloaded and been using the app, including MLB and NFL grounds crews and superintendents of the top golf courses.

fertilizer graph from GreenKeeper App

The app does a number of things to assist in the care and maintenance of grounds including deciding about plant growth regulators, predicting when to reapply product and how much suppression they are getting.

The app has information about 300 products, a number that continues to grow, and recommendations for how much to mix, how many tanks are needed and how much mix goes into a tank based on size. In addition, the app includes mixing instructions and record-keeping capabilities.

map of bluegrass

Move Creative also included a social media component allowing superintendents to tag up to three pests they are targeting with an application and where the treatment is preventive or curative. The information creates a pest report so other GreenKeeper users within a 150-mile radius can gain information they might need for a similar issue.

Weather is certainly a concern for applications so the app’s unique tools take into account local weather conditions and gives users a hyper-local view of how product application is doing and when it is time to reapply.

Our developers designed the GreenKeeper App to efficiently function on both desktop computers and mobile devices so users can be confident that mixing calculations are correct and that turf is covered by simply looking at their phones. The dashboard was a custom build by our team to be simple yet powerful for those using it.

The GreenKeeper App continues to gain users throughout the turf grass industry. As usage increases, so do the powerful features included in the app to ensure it is providing the most useful information possible for superintendents. The app is free and available at