New // Grandstand App Platform

Grandstand empowers events to create a powerful, unique, branded and inexpensive mobile app to enhance the experience of their attendees. Grandstand grew out of Move Creative’s desire to create a way for events of all sizes to have access to a high-quality app that went way beyond what could be provided by a mobile-friendly website. Grandstand has been used to build apps for large State Fairs, worldwide conferences, large youth rallies, and even small users conferences.

A Grandstand app starts in the Grandstand Content Manager where event hosts have full control over all content in their app. This includes event basics like schedules, vendors, sponsors, ads, locations, but also includes full control over advanced features like scavenger hunts, coupons, and results of competitions. And unlike many so-called app builder platforms, all of our apps are unique to both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. We do not require the user to download a generic app and then enter a code to get into each event app. All of our event apps are branded to the event, and all live separately in the app stores.

Each app is branded to match the branding of the event, including logos, color schemes, icons, and even layout. Each app is comprised of a unique mix of features that make sense for that event. A conference may be interested in trade show layout and integration between the map and vendor lists. Whereas a fair may be more interested in providing users with searchable, filterable event results. But all apps come with the ability to edit all data in the app and have it immediately pushed out to users.

The apps have also become invaluable communication tools that can put real-time information in the hands of all users at the same time. Need to make a venue change, send an alert. Featuring a ticket special, send an alert. The possibilities are endless to both market and communicate with your attendees.

All of this is tied together with robust metrics that give you insight into your attendees experience. When coupled with the ability to do polls and surveys in the app, the possibilities are endless.

To learn more about the Grandstand platform visit or give us a call at 402-770-1654. Prices start at just $199/year per Guide or $1,999/year for a stand-alone app.