Garden City Co-op App

The Garden City Co-op App allows patrons to access real-time cash bid information across a variety of categories or to signup for alerts when pre-selected cash bid price thresholds are hit. Producers want to keep up on the markets, but don’t have time to check the markets all day. The alerts feature allows patrons to keep up on their most needed information without being in the app. Garden City shares important information with customers including hours and contact information.

The iPad version of the Garden City Co-op takes advantage of the additional real estate offered on the larger screen so that all information is available on a single dashboard layout. The dashboard displays futures prices, real-time weather data, national market and ag news provided by national news sources, local market and facility news provided by in-house news sources and real-time cash bids across all categories.

The app is built using the Silo App Platform, which is the only one of its kind made specifically for co-ops. The app allows greater information sharing for both the co-op administrators and their patrons. Silo is a division of Move Creative, which has build numerous award-winning educational and record-keeping apps for the ag community including Manure Monitor, Manure Calculator, South Dakota Wheat Growers Association, Central Valley Ag Cooperative, Water Meter Calculator, Irrigate Cost, Irrigate Pumping Plant Calculator, as well as an app for UNL’s Market Journal television show, which was named the best business farming app by Successful Farming Magazine in 2012.