District 11

The Alabama Cooperative Extension group and Alabama 4-H commissioned Move Creative to create a unique iPad and iPhone game aimed at teaching youth about outdoor safety. The app is loosely inspired by the Hunger Games and features a narrator that takes the user through the learning videos and games.

The app is divided into four sections – Skins and Skulls, Shooting Sports, Survival Skills and First Aid and Safety. Each of these sections features 8-20 videos that focus on a particular topic such as how to get safe drinking water. Following the video segments, each section has a unique game. 

Skins and Skulls features a quick find game where the student is tasked with finding specific types of skulls in a collage of many skull types. The Shooting Sports game features an archery test where the user is tasked with hitting targets.

Survival Skills has a pinball game where game plays are earned by answering trivia questions correctly. In the pinball game the user must collect an axe, firewood and fuel in that order to start a campfire. Reaching each of these different levels entitles the user to earning points faster. The final game is First Aid & Safety which is a hunt and find game where the student must track down certain first aid items within a picture.