Audience View Kiosk App

Toronto-based ticketing company AudienceView recently hired Move Creative to design and develop an in-booth sales iPad kiosk that doubles as an in-person one-on-one sales demo tool.

The kiosk app was introduced at INTIX in Chicago in January of 2014 and used to showcase the many ticketing-related products the company has. The app is also used as a lead-generation tool, with an email collection on the always-on home page, followed by an optional small survey to gain more information on the user. From the home page the user can select a specific product or view success stories from some of their many clients.

The product pages allow the user to swipe through multiple information and photographic pages about each product. In addition, hot spots are highlighted on each page and allow for the user to gain detailed information about specific products, without overwhelming the user with too much information up front.

The success story pages highlights large numbers that are used to show what growth was accomplished with the help of AudienceView. The success pages also include detailed information on what role AudienceView played and what products were used to get the client to those numbers.

The app also features multiple ways of collecting leads, including a versatile offline mode that stores all data on the device until the company is ready to export them after the show, and a business card scanning tool using the iPad camera.

When the app is not being used as a kiosk, specific lead-generation tools are clicked off allowing the AudienceView sales team to provide intimate and detailed sales demos in a unique environment.

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