Grandstand Rolls Out Build-Your-Own Mobile App Solution

June 20, 2017

Grandstand Apps releases its App Builder, a do-it-yourself mobile app builder for any client who would like to develop a mobile solution for their organization. The app builder can help anyone who seeks to launch a fully-native mobile app for iOS or Android in minutes.

This full-functioned app builder can help your business, venue, band, church, or anyone seeking to expand their reach through mobile apps. The new Grandstand App Builder offers hundreds of module-and-design combinations to match your brand. Use the customizable app icon to make your mark and your app’s home screen to share your messaging.

Some of the modules that you might choose include calendars with links to maps or lists, native maps that set pins over the top of Google or Apple native maps, custom graphic maps that can hold pins over the top of your own map, twitter feed integration, interactive and searchable lists for attendees, stores, vendors, sponsors and more, Snapchat-like custom photo filters, rotating banner ads for various pages, coupons, surveys, photo scrollers, scavenger hunt games, push notifications, searchable and browseable competition or results listings, audio tours. Some of the features can be geo-fenced to a specific location.

Grandstand’s app builder is simple to use and walks the user through the steps necessary to complete the app on their own. In addition, Grandstand will continue to offer full design, content, and development services to meet the needs of those seeking more assistance.

Currently, a 14-day free trial of the platform is available at