In the Spring of 2016, Move Creative designed and built Properties of Matter – Pirate Adventure, an adventure game for preschoolers to 2nd graders for the University of Nebraska.


The iPad-only app has been downloaded more than 6,500 times as of November 2016 and seen more than 26,000 coins earned and more than 1,400 audio notes to their teacher saved.

In this pirate adventure game your parrot has flown away to a far-off island and your job is to get the parrot back. At each stop along the way you will learn valuable lessons about the properties and states of matter.

Before embarking on your trip you will need to pack 3 trunks with items for your journey. You can organize these however you would like. They could be based on weight, size, texture, color or any other way that makes sense to organize them. Throughout all of the games you will have a chance to weigh, measure and learn about the texture of each of the items at the top of the screen.

At the next island stop you will run into storms that are causing your boat to lose balance. Your job is to restore balance and distribute items to each of the sides.

0x0ss-2The next island you will encounter a gang of monkeys who have very specific requests that involve you to sometimes change the state of water. They might need something frozen and so you will have to quickly freeze water, or orange juice.

The final island involves using items from your boat to try to get to Pat with a wheelbarrow of supplies. You will need to find things that float to get across water, things that are heavy to turn a tree into a teeter-totter and things that won’t melt to get over a hot lava field.

Through each of these stops you will earn coins that can be redeemed at the final island where you can buy clothes and accessories for your parrot. There are even mini games throughout the larger game that ask you which objects will sink and which objects will float. Correct answers will earn you additional coins.

For teachers looking to use this in their classroom there are a number of features that can be turned on, including the ability to ask each student an audio question at the completion of each game.

0x0ss-2The student’s responses are saved to their profile for later listening. This enables teachers to use one iPad for multiple students but save each student’s recordings separately. This also makes sure each student goes through the island in the right order and unlocks each island before continuing. Essentially each student will start off as if the game has never been played before.