Bluetooth-linked device and app eases golf cart management

March 26, 2015


Golf cart owners now have more information at their fingertips with a new Bluetooth-enabled vehicle monitoring system Lester Electrical has developed in conjunction with Move Creative. The Smart Link™ from Pro-Fit® provides real-time answers for questions important to the performance and usage of the golf cart. Pro-Fit® is an EZ-GO company and is one of the leaders in the golf industry.

Golf cart management has long been a laborious process, recharging after any use, even if the battery was not completely drained. Alternatively, drivers have been left stranded out on the course with a battery that they had unknowingly run out. Smart Link™ is the first monitoring system of its kind to be keep track of a variety of stats on the cart.

Smart Link™ uses a device that attaches to any cart’s battery and syncs to a mobile app. Information is then sent via Bluetooth to the app with real-time data on battery charge, recharging time, maintenance reminders, vehicle speed, and navigation. The easy-to-use app provides clear and attractive read-outs on each of the information points. In addition, the vehicle battery can be locked or unlocked from the app, thus providing a level of safety and theft-prevention without adding additional parts to the brake or wheel.

In addition to the monitors in the app, users can set customized alerts to gauge vehicle performance or when the cart needs attention. The app has a unique feature not available on most Bluetooth devices. One or multiple users can serve as the administrator and control what other users and devices have access to their golf cart data. This is done to assure only select users have access while ensuring that fleet owners can see battery data on multiple carts from just one app on one device.

The dashboard features a speedometer, made possible through real-time GPS data, and built from scratch by Move Creative to use in the normal speed and driving ranges of golf carts. The accurate speed readouts is important for golf cart owners to monitor the product usage and performance over the length of the vehicle.

Move Creative developed the Bluetooth-connected app for both Android and iOS to sync with Lester Electrical’s hardware. The joint effort produced a quality, unique product that offers solutions for golf cart owners and golf course personnel.

To download the free app, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

For more information visit the Pro-Fit® site.