Manure Monitor for Feedlots Released

October 25, 2012

Move Creative is pleased to announce the release of the Manure Monitor app for iOS and Android devices.

The Manure Monitor, developed in conjunction with UNL Extension and the USDA, assists livestock and poultry farms in keeping important records related to environmental stewardship. Farms of all sizes keep records for permit and regulatory status or for internal management of operations.

The app allows each farm to setup a shared account to keep emergency preparedness plans up-to-date and synced. The app also allows record keeping for rainfall, manure storage capacity, mortality disposal, water-line inspections, and maintenance of manure-handling equipment.

The Manure Monitor is the latest in a string of ag-related projects Move Creative has been involved in developing. Others include the Manure Calculator, Market Journal, and the Nebraska State Fair 4-H App.