New Fair App Unveiled

August 29, 2012

Move Creative recently launched the 2012 4-H State Fair App for iPad, iPhone and Android.  In addition to an entirely new interface, the app also features a new photo game for iPad that allows users to take a photo and dress it up with state fair-themed accessories such as mustaches, hats, crowns or ribbons.  Also  new for 2012 is an iPhone and Android version of the app that have been custom made for the smaller form factor of each platform.

As with last year, the primary use for the app is to access the more than 16,000 State Fair 4-H results.  Interested users may search for results by county, division, city, or by competitor’s name.

Also packaged in the 2012 version is a special kiosk mode that is being used at 7 kiosks throughout the fairgrounds.  In kiosk mode, Move Creative identified a variety of ways to ensure maximum use by the thousands of visitors to the Nebraska State Fair.  Kiosk mode allows for an auto timeout feature for the app to return to the homescreen after five minutes of non-use.  In addition, the app caches results and videos to compensate for hit-and-miss wifi coverage to the iPads.  The kiosk mode also allowed 4-H and Move Creative to identify specific content to display as promotion. Promotions included advertisement of other 4-H apps and contests for on-site activities.

The app is offered for free through iTunes and Google Play.

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