Career Explorer Game iPad App & Website Launched

September 13, 2011

Move Creative has rolled out a simulation game for UNL Extensions and Nebraska 4-H that aims to show youth the value of education in career options.  The app is titled Career Explorer and is available for free in the iPad app store.  To be cost-effective, the app was built to work in both an app setup and in all web browsers at with no difference in functionality.

The app starts with a luck card that helps show students that even if they aren’t given the best opportunities in life, they can still find the career they wish for through proper education.

Once a student selects one of the 450+ careers they can view detailed salary, working conditions and education requirements for that career. They can then see what that salary means on a monthly basis when combined with typical cost of living figures.  The student can adjust the cost of living to see how changes to their entertainment budget, for example, can affect their overall monthly budget.

At the conclusion of the app they can have the results sent to them, including tips on what steps to take to make that career a reality.

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