State Fair iPad App Doubles as Unique Kiosk

August 29, 2011

Move Creative had the unique challenge of creating seven kiosks for the Nebraska State Fair that all ran the same publicly-available and free iPad app that is now available in the app store for personal iPad usage.  Move Creative built this app to accomodate both the casual fair goer, who has just a few minutes to spare between activities, and the experience iPad user at home, who has plenty of time to curl up on their couch and look up results from multiple events.  UNL Extensions approached Move Creative to develop this unique app, which allowed them to be cost-conscious while delivering State Fair results in a unique format throughout the state.

The app features a home page with barn wood, the 2011 State Fair logo and a color scheme and font reminiscent of classic fairs and carnivals.  The user is encouraged to watch a promotional 4-H video or start their experience by browsing the 4-H schedule, maps, or even news from multiple 4-H and State Fair-related Twitter feeds.  The highlight of the app is the results search and browsing.  A user can search through the 16,000+ results by name, by city, or by event.  In addition, users can browse through every Nebraska counties’ results after selecting the county from an interactive Nebraska map.  Users can also browse through the more than 800 different events and competitions to see all of the award winners for a particular event.

The app is rounded out with a photo and video gallery.  The photo gallery features hundreds of photos from each of the 4-H disciplines, plus general photos that capture the ambiance of the 2011 fair.

Kiosk and home users are encourage to register their email address and zip code to receive additional information about 4-H and it’s many programs.

The kiosks themselves are extremely portable and allowed 4-H staff members the ultimate flexibility in moving them around the buildings in Grand Island.  Requiring nothing more than a single plugin, the kiosks are lightweight and feature a locked container for the iPad that also prevents users from clicking the home button and keeping them inside the app at all times.

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